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We support PMI’s 2022 Hours for Impact initiative where we have committed to assisting local organizations in executing their projects

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MNRF - Three Corner Lake Dam Project - Concrete Repairs

Project Description

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry mandated Equinox Construction Services (ECS) to carry out various concrete repair solutions to
the Three Corner Lake Dam. ECS completed the sourcing, execution, QA/QC and PM tasks internally and with the help of their local execution partner,
Boyes & Sons Construction, carried out the rehabilitation of the flood control dam.

The repairs included vertical and horizontal repairs to various locations on the upstream, deck and downstream faces, along with extensive crack injection work, expansion joint filling and map cracking repairs.

This work was carried out without any perturbation to the operation of the dam, without any dewatering and while working on a floating work
platform. ECS avoided the need to permit and install a cofferdam through a well planned-out work method.

As this was a Fast-Track project, the work was substantially completed less than a month after holding the contract kick-off meeting on-site. Through
this Turnkey model, ECS controlled all risks associated with product compatibility, delivery delays, execution problems and quantity measurement and


Ministry of Natural Ressources and Forestry (MNRF)


Three Corner Lake Dam, 1.5 h north of Sudbury, ON.


Fast-track project – Sourcing and execution all completed within 1 month (Oct – Nov 2022)


Bryan Moloughney Ing., M. Ing., PMP.


250 000 $



Services Provided

  • Project & Construction Management tasks
  • On-site engineer
  • Sourcing, logistics and delivery while managing
    alternative products and material shortages
  • Managed the logistics, timing and delivery of the various
  • Responsible for the Execution of the work as well as the
    QA/QC requirements
  • Owner of the Project Budget and Schedule
  • Owner of the Change Management process and


  • Shortages in Portland Cement and other raw materials
    lead ECS to source products from several different cities
  • Fast-track nature of the project needed to be completed
    before winter months
  • Remote work area needed extensive planning and

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