Sustainability & Responsibility

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We are focusing on the UN’s #7 Sustainability Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy and we invite you to pledge your house to the cause.

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We support PMI’s 2022 Hours for Impact initiative where we have committed to assisting local organizations in executing their projects

Our team also volunteers to help organize events in their technical and personal circles, most recently the PMI’s 2022 Revelations Symposium.

We are always looking for additional causes to support, from river and lake cleanups to teaching and volunteer opportunities to many others.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

GHG Emissions
For Developers

Greenfield & Retrofit Feasibility Studies

Helping you take the first step in your renewable energy development project

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You have questions, we can help answer them

Investopedia defines a Feasibility Study as being " analysis that considers all of a project's relevant factors - including economic, technical, legal and scheduling considerations - to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully."

Whether you're an experienced developer with a "Greenfield site" or intent on developing your first project while using an existing dam, every potential property and location should be subjected to the process needed to prepare a Feasiblity Study.

Next, our Feasibility Study Report will ouline the Business Case and potential payback period, potential revenu streams and power purchase costs, expected power generation along with construction costs, risks and critical steps needed for a given commissioning date. Somewhat like this;

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STEP 1:Break the ice

Have a property that you're ready to develop?Have a business case that's looking for strategic partners?
Need help assembling an application for a Power Purchase Agreement?
Contact us today so we can help get your project off the ground!.

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STEP 2:Data collection

We'll arrange a site visit to collect all relevant information about your property and we'll plan meetings with all relevant stakeholders in order to list their requirements, inherent risks and pain points.

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STEP 3:Finalize the rapport

We'll assemble a detailed Project Budget with an accuracy of up to 30%, along with a high-level Schedule that covers all activities between development and commissioning. We prepare the Business Case with investment payback duration along with community dividends and local contributions, all within a Feasibility Study that can be used for subsidy applications

Our Feasibility Reports will typically detail the following


Project Background


Site Selection


Recommended Technologies


Environmental And Regulatory Considerations


Economic Analysis


Community Impact


Recommendations & Next Steps