Sustainability & Responsibility

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We are focusing on the UN’s #7 Sustainability Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy and we invite you to pledge your house to the cause.

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We support PMI’s 2022 Hours for Impact initiative where we have committed to assisting local organizations in executing their projects

Our team also volunteers to help organize events in their technical and personal circles, most recently the PMI’s 2022 Revelations Symposium.

We are always looking for additional causes to support, from river and lake cleanups to teaching and volunteer opportunities to many others.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

GHG Emissions

Our Partnerships

Equinox Construction Services (ECS) and Lone Drone Solutions have formed a strategic partnership to enhance project capabilities in the construction and renewable energy sectors. Equinox, known for its expertise in project integration for hydraulic structures, small-hydro, and renewable energy, will benefit from Lone Drone Solutions' advanced drone services. This collaboration aims to streamline data collection, inspections, and project management by leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, ensuring more efficient and precise project execution. Together, they aim to support ecological goals and sustainability in their projects across Canada.

Leading Drone Services Experts

Lonedrone Solutions

Lonedrone Solutions offers a wide array of professional drone services including aerial inspections, land surveying, mapping, and 3D modeling. Using advanced technologies like LiDAR and SLAM LiDAR, they provide high-precision data essential for industries such as engineering, construction, energy, government, and academia. They are certified and insured for operations in North America and the UK, ensuring compliance with all regulations. Their services are designed to enhance project efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve safety, with customized solutions tailored to specific project needs.


Lonedrone Solutions


ON & EAST - 290 King St E

Lonedrone Solutions


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