Sustainability & Responsibility

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We are focusing on the UN’s #7 Sustainability Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy and we invite you to pledge your house to the cause.

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We support PMI’s 2022 Hours for Impact initiative where we have committed to assisting local organizations in executing their projects

Our team also volunteers to help organize events in their technical and personal circles, most recently the PMI’s 2022 Revelations Symposium.

We are always looking for additional causes to support, from river and lake cleanups to teaching and volunteer opportunities to many others.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

GHG Emissions
Dams & Hydroelectricity

Reviews, Inspections & Studies

Comprehensive, visual or in-depth inspections of your hydraulic structures that fully satisfy regulatory requirements



We are a new-age coordination firm that provides turn-key structure stability and safety studies, while also providing detailed project management, coordination and leadership throughout the estimating, construction and commissioning phases.

These technical services can be split into three categories as they relate to hydraulic structures


Regulatory Surveillance

Periodic visual inspections, data collection and models based on the frequency required by the size, retention volume and breach consequence of your structure.


Upkeep and Maintenance

An in-depth review, through the perspective of a Dam Builder & Operator, of all repairs, maintenance requirements and potential improvements..


Modifications and Upgrades

With a construction Project Manager already involved, creating the detailed project schedule, budget and scope statement will be easier and more precise.

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We can quickly carry out any and all activities related to the upkeep of your dam.

  • »Listing of the corrective measures along with a preliminary calendar and cost estimate.
  • »Visual site inspections and statutory inspections preliminary schedule.
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We can assemble and manage the experts needed to carry out the
specialized engineering work such as

  • »Geotechnical investigations and topographic or bathymetric surveys
  • »Develop or update hydraulic/hydrology studies, models and Dam Safety Reviews (DSR).
  • »Detailed engineering plans and specifications. Cost estimates up to ±10% precision and Call for Tender process.
  • »Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Plans (OMS).
  • »Water Management Plan (WMP)
  • »Hazard Potential Classification (HPC) and review of Public Safety measures.
  • »Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) and response procedures.
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Once your project enters its’ Execution Phase, we can act as your authorized representative or carry out the project through an EPC/ECPM contact

  • »Coordinate and manage every step of your construction, upgrade or rehabilitation projects, including:
  • »Design and drafting, planning, cost budgeting and management, change management, inspections, permitting and approvals.
  • »Progress tracking, solution-oriented corrective measures and final commissioning.
  • »Scoping, contracting and coordination of all stakeholders, suppliers, contractors and specialists.