Sustainability & Responsibility

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We are focusing on the UN’s #7 Sustainability Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy and we invite you to pledge your house to the cause.

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We support PMI’s 2022 Hours for Impact initiative where we have committed to assisting local organizations in executing their projects

Our team also volunteers to help organize events in their technical and personal circles, most recently the PMI’s 2022 Revelations Symposium.

We are always looking for additional causes to support, from river and lake cleanups to teaching and volunteer opportunities to many others.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

GHG Emissions

For Developers

You're surrounding yourself with an experienced team and we're no stranger to developing a site

Tailored solutions for your market, partnership and technology mix

Navigating the different phases of developing a renewable energy project is often challenging, confusing and lengthy. Each step can vary based on the site's location, social & environmental impact, technology being implanted and overall schedule.

We're here to help every step of the way.

We can assist with the pre-feasibility work to plan and budget your project, onto the applications for Power Purchase Agreements and then finally through to construction and commissioning work.

We work with Small-Hydro developpers, Photovoltaïque site owners and asset managers, as well equipement suppliers, distributors and installers.

We have developed and operated our own site and the right team makes all the difference.

Greenfield & Retrofit Feasibility Studies

New run-of-the-river stations, retrofit stations attached to existing dams, or restarting abandoned stations, all projects start with Feasibility Studies.

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Site Development & Permitting

Coordination of all stakeholders, inputs, socal impacts and utilities.
Allow us to assemble the experienced professionals needed to complete every step of your journey.

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Project Plans & Expert Review

Every step managed to higher than industry-standard practices, in-house and local Experts for Design, Planning, Budgeting, Executing and Commissioning.

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Investing & Co-ownership

Looking for partners interested in co-ownership, operation and investing? Need an experienced developer on your team?

Let us know how we can help

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